Have control of your dog and demonstrate Loving Leadership or before you know it, your little cute puppy will take over in many ways and cause a lot of stress.  Who is teaching who?

Are you a student of your pup's body language? Sit quietly and observe her and also your sweet Kitties who make us laugh!  It is us who need to learn about our pets and what they are communicating.  They watch our every expression and listen to our tone of voice.  

Having a well behaved pet who is happy and gets her needs met is a true joy to embrace.

Thanks for listening and I look forward to helping train your furry family member and maybe taking her out for social outings and training reinforcement.  Mike is excellent at walking any dog and Pet sitting and like me, and thoroughly enjoys animals.


God Loves You 

Family members are encouraged to discuss and agree on the ideal training techniques and words used to train.   Please post for all to see in order to  stay consistent .

Implement training into every day life. Sit/stay/OK before meals, Wait before exiting the house and car, Recall when playing ball. Teach your pup Go Potty by praising and or giving treats after saying "Go Potty" each time, teach to drink water etc.

Be aware of her basic needs and what she is telling you with her body language..become a student and you will be fascinated.  Dogs need bonding time with you, daily exercise and stimulation (cats need to be played with daily as well in order to stimulate their natural instincts and stay happy and young in heart).   It is important training and socialization with many people, places, dogs, smells, sounds and textures to walk on, and  will be continued throughout their life.  Mental stimulation as well as physical will help them not act out in rather destructive ways.  Barking, what are they telling you (different barks for different reasons).

Use small, repetitive steps with lots of rewards and making training fun. Only advance in duration, intensity and distractions after they have mastered the previous command. 

Remembering to reward and correct quickly and constantly in order for her to learn what the association is.

Whenever asking for a certain obedience command, please always remember to say OK and release them from it or they will release themselves and digress in their training.

Anticipate her next move such as jumping up on you or not staying,  by being ready to correct  and reward when done correctly. 


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