We just can't say enough about Mike and his love and dedication to our pets. He has faithfully been playing and walking them 5 days, sometimes more, for years....rain or shine.  Our dogs LOVE MIKE  and the highlight of their day (hopefully, besides when we get home:) is when he playfully peaks around the gate at them and they are already waging their tails!  Dudley is a really big and strong Boy and I am not able to walk him. But Mike has shown strong leadership combined with love and compassion, quite a unique combination.  Please,  never get toooo busy for us,  we need and love you,  Dudley, Spike and their Mom, Erin

Anita was training some other dogs in our neighborhood when I asked her about her services. My lucky day!!!! My dogs are very sweet but were not trained at all and I could not trust them out of the yard etc.   She enthusiastically  transformed my  Amber, Sparky and me (right along with them), into a deeper understanding of how to enjoy the disciplines of Obedience Training and all of the wonderful relational and fun perks that come along with it. I am in my 70's and enjoy walking  them now, which is a miracle that I could not have attained before.  Because of the popular Group Outings in which she incorporates fun exercise, socialization and training  with many other dogs in our area, they now have an extended family :) I am extremely grateful for how Anita has added so much to our lives.

Sallie ,  Portuguese Bend, R.P.V. 

When you read "Anita's Loving Pet Service", that is an understatement!  Anita is extremely hard working, loving, educated and the most dedicated  Trainer you will ever have the pleasure of working with.  We were first time "big dog" owners and very nervous when she was highly recommended to us.  No matter how much research we did, we still were not prepared for the ball of energy, love and challenges that came with our sweet Sophie Baby. Anita was there with us through it all!  We now have a well behaved and smart dog that has been trained by the best!!  Although she has many other clients, there is not one day that we don't feel like we are her one and only...We love and thank you Mama Anita, Sophie and the Gang!

Timothy 3:16

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The felines of our household have declined from five in number to two in the past year – mainly due to advanced age.  All of us had very high standards for personal maintenance – timely visitations, cleanliness, appropriate food selection, water supplies, and copious amounts of overindulgence and TLC – all of which we most certainly deserve.
     Anita and Mike have been there for us for years when our human roommates wander off to do whatever they do when the suitcases are packed.  They have always met our needs and wants and we adore them…so much so that we punish our humans when they deem to return by ignoring their presence and turning our backs to them just to let them know that we prefer Anita and Mike to them.
We normally would not offer to share Anita and Mike, but there are other superior fur people of our ilk out there who deserve their advanced knowledge of felinity and bow to our regal natures.
They are worthy of our cats’ meow….

     Fondly, Thelma & Mr. Bubbles   

  Penny, our precious loving Boxer Girl thinks Anita is her Mom!   Lois, R.P.V

I got my "Buba"  (Labradoodle) at 8 weeks and by week 12 he was so nippy we could not even walk by him without our clothes being ripped, especially my 9 year old daughter!  I tried everything on the Net to deter this behavior, all to no avail. Desperate, I found Anita's Loving Pet Services . I would recommend her (and have) to anyone interested in dog obedience training. We have seen unbelievable changes in our dog. He no longer attacks us in a whem, and is learning the instructions: Off, Stay, Come, Heal, etc. Anita has given us home instruction and tips that have worked wonders. Her love and patience for dogs is a gift from God to us all. I can't express enough how grateful our family is!  Lynette Reis

It all started when my brother begged me to take on his two 9 month old puppies, a German Shepherd and a Siberian Husky. They were totally out of control!  Being the animal lover that I am, my husband and I decided to adopt the dogs and take on the challenge.  These pups were huge, wild, rambunctious and defiant.  The Husky chewed up two of our couches, baby grand piano, our yard and sprinkler system.   We were at our wits end, then  I found Anita's Loving Pet Services.  Anita and her husband Mike, are a God send to us. Our dogs are  trained,  go on walks and outings and are completely social now.  They pet sit and completely care for our home when we are out of town. Anita and Mike are Christians and love the Lord , people and animals.  They are reliable, honest, responsible and care for pets as if they were their own. I  give my highest recommendation to both of them without any reservations. I am thankful that they are part of our lives.  

Serena Young, MD, R.P.V​

Personal Recommendations​

  Anita is an incredible dog trainer! My previously anti social, stubborn Yorkie is a super star! She can now be trusted off leash, and thinks this training thing is the most fun ever! All 8lbs of her attention is now focused on me, even in the midst of her 10 training buddies! No more inciting craziness, barking or ignoring me on our walks.. 
Anita is a clear, disciplined trainer who clearly loves, and is loved by all dogs! She's the best!

 Lisa, Palos Verdes Peninsula