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Romans 5:6-8

Everyone... has a story.   I humbly share part of mine.

 Lonely,  never good enough, ugly, fat.  This is how I felt about myself during my childhood and part of my adult life. 

  What does this have to do with animals, you may ask. Animals became my comforters,  best friends and the main reason I wanted to live. They gave me hope when the battle in my mind and body seemed relentless.

  Waking up early and running to the stables in order to spend a few exciting moments with the gorgeous horses, this was pure joy. God started  showing His amazing love to me through animals at a very young age.

  We understood each other and still do. Animals are such honest communicators. They are grateful, forgiving and love with a pure heart. This is true unless abuse has traumatized their life. Even then, countless miracles happen if they are treated with  understanding, love and patience. Genuinely social, active beings, pets also desire  a purpose in life. When left home alone all day without stimulation, exercise and love, often acting out in destructive ways is their call for help.  May we understand this.

  Then it happened. . . At age 27 I could no longer sedate the pain of my sad life's paradigm. Alcohol no longer helped, and thankfully, it even turned on me. Unhealthy relationships, and that kind of lifestyle was so empty and destructive. I was either going to get help or die, I knew it and so did God.

  My wonderful parents found a Hospital Inpatient program for me and a few days after I detoxed, kneeling by my hospital bed, I could not stop crying. Only His will can fulfill the God made craving He put in all of us that only He can fill. Hardly able to catch my breath and totally without hope, I asked God to forgive me for wasting and ruining my life. I do not remember the exact words, but the good Lord heard my heart and knew I was sincere. I guess I really did not want to die, I just wanted out of the pain. I desperately needed to know if He loved even me. I had lived life "My Way" and was experiencing the result of it.

  Gifted with hope that day, the thought that maybe my life could be worth something to someone, someday, was born. The pain  did not go away all at once though, and never will completely, not for any of us while on this Earth. My journey took me through two more Hospital programs for Depression and self destructive behaviors, and numerous years of reaching out to others who also were working on getting real with themselves and vulnerable with ones they grew to trust. I can't even begin to express my love and thanks to my close friends, Pastors, Professionals and precious pets that helped me along this path called life. And most importantly, there was "One" who never left me nor forsook me, but consistently  carried me (whether I knew it at the time or not),  just like the poem "Footprints" portrays.  And the unwavering love of precious animals helped me experience God's love in real and tangible ways.
  I am genuinely grateful today. I have been shown that a smile and wave are universal and free to give. And maybe, just maybe I can help someone a little every day. Help them know someone cares, will listen, and can possibly even empathize with what they are going through. If their best friend is their pet, I totally understand. But could they take a chance of letting Another into that protected place as well?

  We are all so complex: Spiritual, Physical & Emotional. It is marvelous, really. Yet, at times, it can be hard to stay healthy and balanced.  The road to my own health and discovery of life's purposes has been long, but  so worth it. To be free to think about others is truly a gift. We all know our furry loved ones have this gift in unlimited supply!

  My  journey of helping others through Chemical Dependency Counseling,  motivational teaching and counseling exercise, nutrition, behavior and stress management,  has always been enhanced by caring and working with animals part time for more than thirty  years.  Now my calling is complete by being able to do that which I cherish, helping pets and their wonderful "Parents" all the time.                              And it gets even better!!!                       My husband and I have this same "Pet Passion"!!!
     Mike is one of the biggest animal lovers you will ever meet!  Just recently he rescued a dog locked in a car with no air or water!  If they hurt, he hurts more.  When they want to play, look out!  It is Party Time!!  

  We have always had cats and dogs and treasure our many moments with them.  Now we  have the good fortune of  loving and caring for other people's animals via the variety of  "Professional Pet Services" listed on the following page.  Mike and I  continually  help one an other and our clients know they have two times the support and security  given to their furry family members and their homes.  Yes, we feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to spend our days with bundles of  "Pure Joy"!
                                                                               Our simple prayer is: 
                         Please use us as instruments of  Your grace and love.    
                                                May we be forever faithful in using our God given                                                                                                                                                                  time, talents and treasures  to make the lives of 
                                                                                                     people and their pets better by the day,